Envelope multi mode bug

Noticed another bug jamming today.

I raise the attack on pad 1 in envelope multi mode and after playing another pad and go back to pad 1 the attack setting I just made is not audible anymore but is still there on the screen.

Only happens with pad 1, the other pads stay the same.

I haven’t noticed this before when using envelope multi mode (which I do quite a lot), but I think this is the first time doing it with a stereo sample so that might be a clue of what’s happening.


Hmm, not sure what’s going on here. You seem to be on a track with ‘no sound’ assigned, yet i can hear samples triggered by the pads. Are you able to reproduce this with specific steps?

You’re right, there is no sound loaded on pad 1, only on 5&6. But I’m in multi mode of track 6.

Did try to recreate it for a few minutes before I had to get on with my jam but coulnd’t get it to happen again with another track, it was still happening on track 6 multi mode though.

Will do some more testing when I get home from work today.

Yes, I can see you’re on Track 7, but it should still give you the Track 7 sample name even when you’re in Multi-mode and tapping other pads. Odd.

Anyway, can you confirm if you’re using the latest Aug 12th firmware?

If you have a Project where it’s happening consistently, can you share it so we can take a look?

Yes you’re right, the sample are on track 7, not 6 as I said.

Yes it’s the latest firmware :slight_smile:

I will upload the project folder here when I get home tonight.

I opened the same project now and the bug is not there anymore. Weird. Haven’t been able to reproduce it either. Maybe it was just the machine telling me to go to sleep.

At least it’s on video but that may not help much. I’ll let you know if it happens again :slight_smile:

No worries, bugs can be elusive like that sometimes. Thanks for the video. We’ll keep our eyes peeled and if you find a way to reliably make it happen, let us know :+1:

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