Minor: All faders affect pitch in Multimode

When using pitch + multimode all faders will affect the pitch of the pad you are hitting regardless which pad you hit or fader you move. However, the pitch setting for the pad you hit does not actually change unless you move the correct fader for that channel.

Example: Hit pad A1 while moving the fader for channel 2 and you will hear the pitch of the sample being played by pad A1 change accordingly. However, as soon as you stop moving the fader for Ch2 the sample on pad A1 returns to it’s original pitch.

So, ain’t no thang.


That is true. It is the same sound, so if the sound is playing, the pitch changes. We would have to keep track of the last pad hit and only change the pitch if the corresponding fader was moved. I will put this on the todo list.

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This is fixed in dev and will be in the next update.