Mainly just me being an idiot

Just recorded a sample, and from the edit screen i mindlessly held in bank instead of shift as i hit save, which caused everything to freeze up. So i restarted it, rerecorded the sample and when i went to save (properly this time) it said the sd card was no longer inserted. I clicked it out then back in and its back to working fine now though.
Soo, dunno if that helps at all, see: title

That aside, todays my first day with this and i already love it. Thank you to everybody involved

Update: since this happened the machine no longer recognizes the sd card on startup. It now needs clicked out and back in every time i turn it on to register

I was able to duplicate your original issue and fix it in dev.
I do not know why it will not recognize the card on startup. That is very strange. It is not happening to me even after multiple crashes during testing.

Well thank you, i need to transfer a few things to the computer first, but ill try reformatting or using another card in a bit and let you know if that changes anything

This issue somehow magically resolved itself, just for the record