External SD does not show up after updating

So after updating to the August firmware update, every time I power down and back up again, my external sd card is missing. I have to reinsert it while the S24400 is on for it to show up again. Is anyone having that issue?

The SD card seems to be showing up after a few cycles of powering on and off .

Just updated and dumped a ton of new samples into the SD while in MSC mode and it works fine. What type of SD are you using?

San disk Extreme Pro , yea it seems to be okay, it might have been because I updated it on the card and not over usb .

Ah gotcha, yeah I haven’t ejected my card since I put it in. Same card here extreme pro, 256

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I just received my S2400 (Updated the firmware) and put a SD card in it but it seems like I have to eject it and put it back every time I want to use the SD card, is that normal? Thank you.

i was having the same problem after updating – it’s getting better after a few cycles of turning the S2400 off/on. i think many of us using the exact same SD card (sandisk extreme pro). maybe in a future update, the SD card will be recocnized better after an update. nothing to worry.

This has happened to me a few times but it was more often back from May to July as I was beta testing. I just pop the card out and then back in and that seems to resolve it. I’m also using the SD extreme Pro 128. It’s truly intermittent though.

This has happened to me several times as well with Sandisk Extreme Pro on the July FW (version came with my S2400) and August FW. Popping it out and putting it back in has worked.