Firmware version S2400_20211122 Not updating - FIXED

Am I doing something wrong here?

Per update thread: S2400 Firmware Updates

Uploaded Nov. 22 update to root of SD card using MSC mode. Leave MSC mode, nothing happens. Is there something I am missing?

[I removed the video because I don’t want someone on YouTube stumbling on it and thinking something negative about the 2400. All it showed was me copying the update file to the open MSC folder, exiting MSC mode, and then nothing happening.]

By the way I was able to do a forced update successfully.

Yeah there is a release note about it.

“Fixed not recognizing an update on the SD card after exiting MSC mode
So, if you use MSC to do this update, eject and reinsert the SD card after exiting MSC mode”

I ejected and reinserted the SD card to finalize the update. Hopefully in the future it can be done like previous updates. Exit MSC mode and then automatic update :slight_smile:

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i have only ever used MSC to do this and @kbraiden how did you do a ‘forced update’?

drag n drop is how the 2400 has always worked

it reads to me like it will need ejecting this time only - will be updating later

I didn’t put 2 and 2 together on that that release note (although now I see it is called out twice). I would recommend that if there is a release note that affects the ability to actually install the update, put it first instead of last in the list. My eyes glaze over after the first few fixes and jump down to changes and new features.

Also, I didn’t mention it (because it didn’t work) that after trying the MSC method I did turn off the machine, pull out the card, reinserted the card and turned back on the machine and like I mentioned that didn’t change anything.

It sounds like that is not quite the method to fix this? I guess I should have pulled out the card with the machine running?

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Followed these instructions from the Firmware Update first posting:

Emergency / Firmware Recovery Procedure
If for any reason, due to power cut, or other failure, your machine won’t boot afterwards, remove the SD card and insert into a computer.

Copy the downloaded file onto the ROOT of the SD card but this time, rename the file extension to .UPF instead of the default .UPD (This will perform a forced update on power up)

Re-insert the card into the machine with the power off, and then power on.