Starting S2400with SD card inserted causes splash screen freeze!

Hello all.
I was wondering if anyone has this issue. If I turn on the S2400 with the SD card inside of the machine the splash screen comes on and stays there frozen. If I start the S2400 without the SD card inside it boots up correctly.
Has anyone else had this issue?

I remember hearing a similar issue a while back. Did you format the SD card on the machine or was it already formatted? What happens when you turn the machine on and then put the SD card in?

Wassup @juniorg If I start the S2400 and put the card it it will boot up fine. This only happens if I power up with the card inside the machine.

Are you able to access the SD card when you put it into the machine after booting? Like can you browse folders, preview samples, assign them, etc. And have you been able to access USB MSC Mode - where the S2400 drive (SD Card) shows on your computer as an external drive?

It sounds like an SD card issue, either not formatted correctly or could just be a bad card - what type are you using? I would try reformatting the SD right on the S2400, which may clear what’s on there I’m not sure, so if you have anything on there save it somewhere on a HD to drag and drop after the reformat.

If the card itself isn’t being recognized by the S2400 after it’s booted up and you insert it, it may likely be a bad card - or again just not formatted correctly. If the machine boots up with no card and does not freeze when you insert it, but does freeze when it’s in there on boot-up - sounds like the S2400 is struggling to read the card as it’s formatted, or at all.

Can you try a different card. I had a similar issue and mine was happening on multiple fronts one I had an early machine that needed to go back for the minor repair AND my SanDisk SD card actually was a counterfeit (apparently this is a major problem with tons of counterfeit cards on the market) - actually it never worked right but just got progressively worse.

So the way to eliminate whether it’s the SD card or something else is to try a different card first. Also try reformatting your card.

Re-formatted a few times already. Going to buy a new card in the AM (Don’t want to go out in the rain!)
Thank you.


as a data point, ive got a 256 sandisk that is over half full and i always keep the card inserted and never had this issue.

Hey. I added the new SD card and problem disappeared so, all is good.