S2400 doesn't always turn on

Did anyone notice that S2400 screen and pads stay bland just power switch lights up when you turn it on? It happens to me several times now.

That doesn’t sound like normal behavior to me. I’ve never had a problem with startup. Did you recently update the firmware or make any changes? I’d try reinstalling the firmware. If you have another SD card, try that to see if your card is corrupted. Otherwise, I’d reach out to Isla.

I have updated firmware when it was released. I didn’t make any changes. I have noticed that like a week ago and this morning I have had like 5 attempts to turn it on.
Removing SD card helped. Then I have put SD card back again and everything works fine at the moment. Let’s see if that won’t happen again.
Thanks for your reply.

seems odd that FW would do this

i would check the IEC cable is 100% inserted - even if only a bit loose it may not connect properly

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Sounds like you need to create a ticket for that.

Follow the instructions here: Frozen screen firmware update - #3 by roborr

While it’s for a different issue I suspect its the same underlying cause.

Thanks @roborr

Removing and inserting SD card helped in my case. I’ll follow your advice if that happens again.