Bricked my s2400 FIXED

Hi gang. Was doing an update to the most recent firmware. It entered update screen mode and stayed there for the next few hours. Eventually, I had to kill the power because it doesn’t take hours to do an update.

Now the machine is bricked and won’t turn on. What can I do, mates?

Do the emergency forced update. I had the same thing happen to my s2400. Use a blank Fat 32 formatted SD card and copy the firmware file on to it but change the file extension to .upf.
Insert that card into the S2400 and then power up. It will take around 30 minutes to do it and the screen will be blank/black all that time. Just be patient mate.


did you tag @rozz3r or start ticket?

calum gives good advice

I’ll do that. Massive thanks for the heads up!

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I had the same issue. The machine will reboot when you remove the card. There‘s a thread here that describes a possible root cause: power supply cables too close to the internal ribbon cable. Opening the machine and slightly moving the power supply cables away from. The ribbon cable solved the issue for me.

Dude! It didn’t take half an hour. It fixed everything and updated the machine in under a minute. You rock so hard, buddy. Thanks!

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