Shortcut for Bank play override on/off

I think it would be useful, speed up and improve the workflow. Especially, when switching override on/off.

I m thinking about A + Bank button for example.
Or in case of setting a range:
Keep the first A press, then press the last A of the range, after release the range LED turns on

The video below is a quick simulation example of when I need to turn the whole bank override A buttons.

This is a 1 bar breakbeat multisliced to 8 pads running on 4 bars
If I want to do level variations I go to multilevel. As it’s already recorded I have to press A one by one for all the slices.
In the end I press Shift+A if I want to change a slice for all the 4 bars.
Otherwise I press REC then press all the A buttons again and keep a pad pressed if I only want the change for a certain step in a certain bar.
If I want to switch the override state on/off it’s time consuming.

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Nice idea! I would love this.

Some times I like just turn on playback override for every track and just mess my pattern up. Sometimes I end up with something very cool that I would not have come up with intentionally. And there’s a lot of A-button pressing when I want to do this.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Range is a nice idea, but maybe a bit much.
I have made Bank+A/B/Mute/Solo toggle the whole bank, or all pads if in multi mode.


Thank you. Very happy to hear this :slight_smile: