Additional shortcut for pad bank change

You may say that already existing shortcuts like shift+bank or bank+numeric keys are already enough but I think that bank+pad could be a good shortcut to change banks.

For example when on bank B pressing Bank+pad 1 would bring back to bank A.

Advantage: ergonomics. Easy to do with only 2 fingers of the left hand in the case above :slight_smile:

To sum up
Bank +pad 1 :arrow_right: Bank A
Bank +pad 2 :arrow_right: Bank B
Bank +pad 3 :arrow_right: Bank C
Bank +pad 4 :arrow_right: Bank D
Bank +pad 5 :arrow_right: Bank E
Bank +pad 6 :arrow_right: Bank F
Bank +pad 7 :arrow_right: Bank G
Bank +pad 8 :arrow_right: Bank H


Bumping this :slight_smile:
I have the case again I have 8 samples on bank A and 2 samples and bank B.
I always feel shift is far when in bank B to go back to bank A.
Bank+pad A1 to go back to bank A would be really nice :slight_smile:

Bank+1 goes to Bank A (but is not a one-handed key combo)


Yeah that would be far more intuitive than shifts or hot keys

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+1 on the bank + pad shortcut, seems very intuitive :slight_smile:


Bumping this request for a +1. Before reading the manual, bank + pad is what I personally intuited would be the way to change banks, just like shift + pad is the intuitive way to access the track and live-loop settings.

I understand that bank + f-key already achieves the bank switching, but there’s something about having to look away from the pads and focus on the numeric keypad to find an f-key that breaks the flow of jamming/performing. I know it seems minor, but it can make a big difference to flow.

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Thanks and +1 again :slight_smile:


When I was first trying to find the shortcut (and not wanting to RTFM for every tiny function!) for moving back through the banks rather than always forward….my first experiment was exactly this - so that’s another +1

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I’d love to see it happen


It was added in the 2023-04-28 firmware btw.
Thank you. Please close this thread :slight_smile: