Option to have step edit slice parameter scroll by slices

It would be very useful if there was a way to have the slice parameter scroll by slices and not by time when you’re in step edit. So you can go to step edit and change which of the 8 slices is being played without having to manually find the slice point.

Or maybe have it scroll by slices automatically if multi mode sync is on for slice/loop? And when sync is off for slice/loop the parameter scrolls by time as it does now.

For example I have a sample with 8 hihat hits that I have sliced up in multi slice mode. I have recorded these to the pattern but want to go in and change what slice is being played at a perticular step without having to manually slice out the right hihat hit again.

So maybe if you were to hold shift and move the fader in this perticular menu you would step through the 8 slices that you’ve set. I know shift +fader is something else generally but I feel it would be more useful to have it scroll by slices in this menu. Or hold multi or slice/loop button and move the fader for that?