Slice workflow - help please

Just started trying to slice a sample, I’m having trouble, advice welcome:


  • I’ve got Multi Mode + Loop/Slice selected, and B pressed so I can see the waveform.

  • Press Pad 1 > slice 1, set a start point using fader 1 & 2

  • Press Pad 2 > slice 2, set a start point using fader 1 & 2

  • Press Pad 1 > if I now try to tweak the start point of slice 1 using fader 2 nothing happens because the fader seems to still at the start point of slice 2 and it can’t ‘catch up’ the start point of slice 1. So I have to use fader 1 and that messes up the accuracy of my original start point (I only want to tweak it a few ms).

Fader catch up isn’t helpful here. What I want to happen is when I move from slice to slice the faders latch on to the current position, so when I wiggle ‘ms’ it is adjusts the start point immediately without having to catch up.

  • Alternatively I can use the encoder to adjust the start and end points, and actually this would be fine for me, but to get fine adjustment I have to zoom right in. Could we have SHIFT+ENCODER to make fine adjustment?

What’s the normal workflow here? I feel like I’m doing it wrong.

The start and end point each use 3 faders (coarse, medium, fine). So maybe you also needed to touch the 3rd fader to catch up?

When using the encoder to set the start and end (and loop points), you can zoom in and out (F1/F3) to make the adjustments more precise.

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Yeah encoder + zoom in/out and Fkeys to go to next or previous points is the fastest workflow.

Faders are cool if you want to “enjoy” the og spirit for one sample but for 8 multislices it’s a chore to use them imo.

By the way you can long-press Fkeys to zoom all the way in if needed.


thanks, encoder seems much preferable workflow,

shift+encoder to dial in fine adjustments seems like it would be very useful here? @Mickey

Shits me when multi mode sort of auto slices, but when you move the trim fader it jumps to start of sample?

After fumbling with the faders, you get really fast chopping down a sample. The key to making the faders work is two things:

  1. Get in the habit of resetting medium and fine to starting position (start is down, end is up).
  2. Once you set start, drop coarse fader to zero position, and slowly raise until you grab your slice. Fine adjust with medium and fine.

However, the beauty of this instrument is there are still 2 other ways to dial in a chop.

  1. Rotary Encoder (super easy) but repetitive
  2. Keypad (starting next chop at end of previous, by typing number).

I’d love to see an MPC like live chop experience in slice/multimode. During playback, pressing a pad sets a start point. This would be a game changer, and negate one of the MPC’s advantages.

Or let me let me select a Function key to set the start point to the previous Pad’s end point. Would prevent me from memorizing end points and manually entering via the Keypad.

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You can do this already. I don’t have my machine here but I think it’s F4.

yeah F4 or F6. Have a look at the capture of the manual :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Didn’t really dig into what Shift ← and Shift → truly was. This makes my life soo much easier chopping samples.

I’d still like to cheat and tap the pad for the start/stop points while auditioning. but F4 and F6 are huge!


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