Clicking sound when triggering some (?) samples

The previous updates did improve the clicking situation, however there are still some issues: Some samples that I trigger with my S2400 have a quiet loud clicking sound, while others dont. I can’t see a clear pattern behind it and I’m wondering why. It doesn’t seem to be related to the recorded sample at all!

See that attached video. Whats going on here?

  • Drum sample: Sampled form vinyl, 26K 12Bit
  • Melody “sample”: Imported and re-sampled (26K 12Bit) WAV file (from PC)

can you make the two samples available somewhere?

Sure. Just another hint: The clicking sample is my kick drum sample. Generally I like to play with filters and envelope on my drums. My melodic samples are usually not “edited that much”. So maybe its the combination of filters/envelope? Who knows!

Here’s the whole project: - Google Drive (including samples).
Don’t get rich of my superfly beats please :wink:

Edit: also just realized, the drums were sampled from vinyl (in HiFi), but then resampled to LoFi as well

thanks, will have a look

Is this reproducible?


I think I fixed it, will be in the next release


Encountered the same issue with several samples (long melodic): Inconsistent pop/click sound even after snapping to zero crossing. Sometimes the click is not there when playing the sample with finger and adds itself after
The sequence has been recorded… Here is that annoying sound : Dropbox - IMG_1041.MOV - Simplify your life

If you hear carefully you’ll see that the click sound is changing along the presses (and sometimes disappears) - I never encountered this in any other sampler

@av500 cool, thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure but the clicking sound seems to occur only when pressing on the pads very lightly and if you press hard, there is no click… here is an example with another sound: Dropbox - IMG_1043.MOV - Simplify your life
(@fexman Sorry I hope I do not hijack your thread with an unrelated issue - if that’s the case I’ll create another)