Clipping in sample playback (kick drum) [IN PROGRESS]

Not sure if this is a bug or is done by design

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Need more info - did you sample into the s24 or import (what bit rate), etc… It could be a number of things. Not necessarily a bug.

I had this problem happen to me today, too. I had some kick drum sample that had a massive silence after it. The sample was loaded from the SD Card. After shortening the sample in loop/slice mode by moving the end point closer to the start I started having this clicking issue no matter how much I moved the start point. I went to track settings by hitting shift+pad then pressed back and instead of exiting I got the pop up message along the lines of settings restored. Surprisingly, after that the issue fixed itself. Embarrassing description of the issue, I know…

I also noticed that many samples have this click when played back in the file browsing menu. It was especially noticeable with kick drums. It could be applicable to other kinds of samples. I had this happen with the included sound library samples. Try triggering the sample twice by quickly tapping on the pad and you would hear the click. Once the sample is assigned to a pad, there wouldn’t be any clicks. I have not tested it when browsing files on the SD Card

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I sampled a little over 20 seconds of different kicks. Each one different from the next at 12bit. I use Round Robin technique for variety on different sequences.

What level did you sample at? Was it really hot?

I noticed the other day while “bouncing” a sample that if a sample was playing previously before confirming I want to bounce it would create a click/pop at the start of the sample. Its when a sample cuts off another one where I get clicks for pops as an issue. Otherwise its just at the end and sometimes start of things I’ve recorded in and I gotta move the starting/ending point.

I have this problem all the time. Seems to be a bug! Also tried zerocrossing, reload smp etc. Happens with imported and new samples. Plz fix this asap.

Could someone upload a kick drum where this issue is particularly problematic?