Pops and clicks when switching pads on same "channel"

Hey Islanders,

Ive noticed something that I cant seem to workaround and it feels like an envelope bug to me. Say I take a few longish samples and assign them on pads 1-4. In the Track settings I assign them all to Channel and subchannel 1 so they are all in the same choke group. When I tap pad 1 and then pad 2(or 3 or 4) afterwards there is a pop/click(sounds like DC offset or the sample isnt at the 0 point). Initially, I thought, no problem, I will just set the envelopes to soften the attack and release which should allow the samples to ramp up in volume a few milliseconds to allow for the click to be inaudible.

This does not work even at extreme envelope settings. However, this does work for tapping 1 pad repeatedly. Meaning if I tap A1 a bunch of times in a row the attack envelope smooths out any clicks and pops, but if I tap A1 and then tap A2(choking A1 and bringing in A2) there is sometimes(50-75% of the time) pops and clicks on the transitions.

I did a quick recording to demonstrate the noise Im seeing… here is what the transition looks like:

Edit: here is an example of how I have the envelopes set

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Yeah I’m noticing it too as well as a slight click after every sample when in headphones.
I adjusted the decay and envelopes but it’s still there just after the sample is done playing.

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I’ve noticed this too and it’s particularly bad when working with a chopped sample, however it’s noticeable in any situation where one sound is cutting off another. Using an envelope doesn’t seem to solve the problem either as you mentioned. In fact while it does sometimes get rid of the sharp clicking, using envelopes often introduces more artifacts into choking than were there previously.

As far as the chops vs. individual samples go, I’ve noticed they’re kind of inverse in the issue as well. When I’ve chopped a break I don’t notice too much clicking but I notice it a lot when I’ve chopped a sample, for example. However if I have individual drum sounds I’ve loaded onto pads that cut each other off it’s much more severe than when two melodic samples choke each other individually.

Not sure what the issue might be but definitely something to look into IMO as I tend to sample a lot. Perhaps adding an automatic 5ms crossfade between samples that choke each other would solve the issue?


I’m noticing this quite a bit, and it’s quite problematic. Easy way to reproduce is to copy a Bassline note to a blank pad, set its Level all the way down, set the same channel as the Bass note, and use it as a choke pad. You’ll notice the note often gets choked with a clip. A tiny crossfade would solve it.


Same here, I do notice it as well, definitely a problem that can hopefully be fixed with a software update.

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For those that have never used an SP1200, this is common phenomenon when samples cut each other off at non zero-crossing. ON the SP there’s nothing you can do except remove them in mix using Ozone declick, etc. I had mentioned this to dev early on but it was never decided how to address as envelopes weren’t yet functioning. What SAP mentioned should do the trick as I often use attack envelope in MPC Live to “soften” the start points of chops to mitigate any pops/clicks. Devs are definitely aware and I am sure they will address soon!


Yeah, I’m hearing these clicks after all of my one-shot samples (not just the OP’s issue), and applying envelopes doesn’t remove it. It’s like there needs to be a volume fade at the end of the sample or something, it’s quite annoying at the moment. I found that converting my samples to 48 / 16 improves the click a bit, but it’s still there.

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my sample has been treated for zero crossing, but im still hearing pops and clips when i am re-triggering the same sample (on top of itself) … like a chord stab, but the sample is long, so each time i want to repeat that chord, there is a loud clip sound on retrigger…its choking itself out… but i need it not to clip… i have to create an individual envelope that matches precisely the amount of time before the next time its re-triggered? this doesn’t seem efficient or practical… cant this trigger be shuffled over to the nearest zero crossing? or super fast automatic envelopes?
i imagine this might be harder for live triggering pads… but when there is pattern set, there should be a lookahead feature or something that will play the same channel with out clipping samples that are being choked out.
(this also means that dummy chokes don’t work properly without clipping)

errr, so is this going to get looked at then or?

it’s been hanging around for some time now

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FWIW I don’t notice this anymore, and I believe there was a fix for a separate bug that was triggering filter envelope even if the filter was disabled that may have contributed. Its at least much improved(especially compared to the 1200) or I have just figured out how to use the machine and get around it :slight_smile:

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