Sample retrig clicking

Im on last firmware. I noticed attack click on some samples. Even with env set on very slow attack, it seems related to sample interupt. This is not the case for all samples but more present on bass material which makes sens. I tried to edit the file itself creating smooth fades to see if it gets solved but no luck, which ties it to sample interupt issue.


when you retrigger a sample, regardless of the attack of the new sample, you interrupt the old one. this is almost impossible to prevent and would even happen in real life when you hit a kick drum that is still fading out the previous hit.

Yes I know about it it’s what I mention with sample interupt, the thing here is that It’s pretty heavy, reminds me of samplers in max msp, I was wondering if this could get better.

can you provide a sample where you see that with?

Hey @av500 I have noticed this as well. The s2400 is a lot like the original in this respect. I will say that I have been spoiled by the SP-16. On that I can set the attack to a very short interval (1) and it keeps most of the attack and removes the snap to 0 click. I would hazard a guess that the attack is sub 10ms.

In Max Msp you have to include a micro enveloppe to get rid of that in your design and I’m not referring to user envelope option to make slow attacks or decay. I know it is impossible not to have click without doing so, and it has to be same for the S2400, as It is just a matter of signal processing. It semt to me that the fact there was still a click even after applying a user enveloppe to the signal with very slow attack and release might indicate something was wrong.

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