Resampling 2nd WAV results in Left Only

While in “Browse Files”, I can Resample a stereo sample the 1st time without any issues, but the 2nd sample I resample, results as a Left only sample. Right side is blank. If I back out of browse then back in, all is good again on the 1st sample

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the second time you resample the same file? or a different file?

When I select a different file

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Just had the same issue right now. Different file on different pad. Only sound on the left channel when played from the pad. When switching output mix to Right no sound at all.

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i’m having the same issue.
the workaround i have found is to resample immediately after assigning a sound to a pad.
once you do anything to a sample, be it slicing, pitching, recording it to a pattern or whatever, the “left side only problem” will occur.

sucks, i know.

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We’ve managed to reproduce this one in-house. Thanks for the report. A fix will be forthcoming :+1:


Much love and respect to the isla team.

@av500 fixed it


Thanks Mickey!!!