While stopped, the audio engine continues to play loops after unmuting

  1. Record a loop track with 4 measures
  2. Stop and mute the track
  3. Start the playback and let it run for 2 measures
  4. Stop the playback, count one measure and unmute the loop track
  5. As a result, the last measure is played to the end

Also, try this: with multiple loops recorded, start then immediately stop the playback. Then unmute a single loop. As a result, the remaining loops are starting (continuing) to play.

Thanks for the report. Checking older releases, I see that this bug has been around a long time.

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Could it have the same nature as this bug?

No. It is unrelated.

Maybe you know already, but it seems that unmuting any track (even in the Bank A) triggers the loop playing.

Yes. The bug is fixed in development and will be in the next update.