Audio mute for sample tracks

Not sure if this have been suggested before but I would like an option for (per track or a general setting) muting the audio output of a sample track without it stopping the track if that makes sense.

For example if you have an 8 bar pattern where one track is an 8 bar long sample, a recorded live loop added to the pattern for example. If you have the track muted and want to unmute it you’ll have to wait for the pattern to repeat until the track gets triggered again.

Or if you play live and do mutes/soloing and press a little to late you’re screwed.

Basically an option for mute and solo to work the same way as the live loop tracks where you can mute and unmute freely without having to wait for the track to retrig.

Same problem if you have longer samples/loops playing over the whole pattern and want to find a specific track by soloing. If you solo the wrong track you’ll have to unsolo it and restart the pattern before you can solo the next track and here what’s on there.


Oh yes, I need this big time!

I thought I was 2dumdum and didn’t understand something because I remember someone discussing something about mutes vs filter button B for LPF. It sounded like one doesn’t need to wait for retrig when using the B button. But this wasn’t my case.

Maybe someone who used this trick could explain it to us?

Never tried if it works differently with playback override mode active for mute and solo. Or you mean that you don’t have to wait for a retrig with parameters like filters when override mode is on?

Exactly that!