Playback override in Waveform editor, playhead vertical bar not displayed anymore

As said in the title, the playhead is not displayed anymore after several loops of the sequencer when messing with a sample start point in override playback mode in the waveform editor.

I can take a video if necessary but it is easy to reproduce I think.

Conditions are for example
-load an already existing beats with long loops (for example 4 bars long loop)
-go in the waveform editor
-press A to activate the playback override mode when the sequencer is running.
-mess with the start point with the select wheel
-after a few tweaks the playhead disappear or is not displayed anymore.

Let me know if you can recreate this one. I can take a video on Sunday if needed. :slight_smile:

We are aware of this issue. It was reported a while ago by internal beta testers. There are actually several scenarios that will make the playhead disappear in the waveform editor. It was only written to work when the pad is pressed. But, we will add code to make it smarter.


Thanks. Understood. :slight_smile: