Reverse slice, playhead vertical bar to play in reverse as well

From what I think I remember the behavior of the playhead bar is being reworked. So let me add a small request. It would be nice when playing a reverse slice that the playhead vertical bar plays in reverse from end to start for this slice.

For example with some string samples, after 30 minutes of trials and errors, I don’t remember if it’s a forward or a reverse slice because they sound very similar in both ways :slight_smile:

Something else that is requested from day one I guess. The access to memory. It would be nice if the hiccups and the sequencer stuttering could be solved when using the waveform editor in multislice mode.

Please forget about this request.
I didn’t realize that the waveform itself is reversed. I didn’t see it because of the size of the screen. It makes sense to have the cursor play forward.

I’ll create another request :slight_smile: