Inconsistent waveform editor playback visualization

Not sure if it’s a bug of if it was designed that way but I personally find very confusing how the playback is visualized in waveform view in Loop/Slice Multi Mode.

The issue is evident only if zoomed in, so that the region is larger than what can be displayed on the screen.

So, when playing a pad, the waveform
view displays either the beginning of the slice or its end, depending on which point is currently being edited, right? Well, not exactly.

  1. Say, you have three pads and you are editing their start points.
  2. When playing each of the pads, you can see how the playhead is moving from the start.
  3. Now go to the pad 2 and switch to the end point editing mode. When playing the pad, you can see how the playhead is approaching the end point.
  4. Select and play the pad 1. The playhead is starting from the beginning, although the end point editing mode is selected.

The “edit mode” in the Slice view (i.e. what’s being edited when the encoder is rotated: the region, the start point or the end point) seems to be common, no matter which pad is getting pressed, so why is the playback visualization handled individually for every pad?

Also, do we really need individual zoom levels for every pad?