Multislice individual pad LED lit during play

Sorry I did a search but couldn’t find the relevant topic. I think it’s been requested before but let me create this one just in case.

The current state is:
Loop/slice and multimode spread the base pad color on the other pads and only the base pad flashes when a multislice is triggered when the sequencer is running.
Other pads also flash when there is an event for a track in non-multislice mode.

What I would like to have is the corresponding multislice led lit when the sequencer is running in Loop/slice Multimode.

The reason is I don’t finish everything in one session. I often finish a beat after several weeks. Not remembering precisely what I did the previous time.

Right now it is possible to double check which slice plays in Step program pressing F6 multiple times for the corresponding track which is already a great improvement but not as quick and visual as a flashing LED.

Flashing LED would be nice to quickly remember in which order and which way the multislices play. For me it would be a more useful information rather than knowing which non multislice tracks are playing in the background.



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I’ve been thinking/requesting this to. But one thing that came to my mind is that how would it behave if the slices are moved or parameters are changed after recording? Or is this specifically for slice multimode and not the other multi modes?

For slices it would make sense Even if you change what’s in the slice I quess, but could be problematic for other multi modes if the faders are changed

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Yeah I only had multislices in mind when writing this. I make basic boombap beats, loops or chopped samples mainly :slight_smile:

A workaround can be to extract all the individual slices on put them on another bank. I did it a couple times in the past but it is pretty time consuming. There is a feature request to implement slices batch extract so maybe one day who knows :slight_smile:


Slice batch extract would be dope!


Batch extract could be useful if you want to multilevel or multilevel one or several slices. Currently it is not possible to have a multi inside a multi (multislice and then multilevel for example) and I think it will probably never be possible because it would be a nightmare to manage. Batch extract could be a useful tool as a workaround to a few limitations :slight_smile:

Blinking the multi-pad is tricky. How would you tell the difference between a multi-slice being triggered versus another track in the same bank?

This is a good question. I see multislices as its “own virtual bank” created by the base pad. So for me just having the blinking pad for the replayed pad seems fine. If I want to double check whick other track are playing I’d probably go out of multi mode and then go back immediately.

Or I’d probably check first before entering multi mode because my workflow usually is power on, loop/slice button and then multi button to sum up very roughly.

Curious to have other people point of view :slight_smile:

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I think this came up in a thread in ?August?.

Ideally, while in multimode-loop/slice while playing the sequence, the pads LEDs would only light for that bank/pad corresponding to the slices currently being edited.

→ exit multi-mode, pad LEDs go back to lighting for the tracks.

I get the thinking ‘as is’, to have it show the hits on each track, but usually while in multi-mode this isn’t as relevant.


I agree, it would be more important to see the multi slices play on pads when you’re in slice multimode. If you want to see what’s happening on the other tracks you can always exit multimode.

It can be a bit hard if you want to go in and change some stuff in a recorded multi slice with override mode for envelope/level/pitch/filter, there’s no way to tell which pad of the multi to edit without hitting the pads and try to figure out which one plays what.

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@st1 That makes sense.

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