Choke in multiLoop/Slice mode?

Hello guys. I need your expertise again (and sorry for my bad english again)
Indeed, i noticed that pads were choked and cant play together when i am in the multi loopslice mode.
For example, if i want to add more hihats hits to my drum sequence at the same time to kicks & snare, kicks and snare dont play ?
I think i missed something. Certainly something easy but im blocked atm :slight_smile:

Hi, you haven’t missed anything. It’s not possible.
For drums elements, if you don’t use a multisliced breakbeat, I’d recommend to use separate tracks. It’s more flexible.


Oh ok… thank you for your answer.
Too bad… i would have liked save pads and regroup all my drums pattern in the multi mode. I think i have to use the bank A for drums and the bank B for the rest so…

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