[Help] Mixing several elements on a same pad

Hello team.
IS there a way to mixing several elements (kick for example) on a same pad ?
thk you

If you slice/ multi a sample, you can.
Make a sample that has multiple single hits on it, then slice it up

It depends on what you call “mixing”. If it’s layering no. If it’s pan L/R no.

Yes ! but when i’m in the multi/loopslice mode, songs on differents pads cant play together, they work only one by one with a kind of choke between them. Choke stopping when i’m on loopslide simple mode

Yes… mixing like layering. Several kicks on A1, several hihats on A2, snares on A3 etc… sometimes breakbeats needs layering.
Ok so… hope layering will be a future option. THANK YOU GUYS

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You need to use multiple pads to get layers.

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Agree! To layer sounds (make one pad trigger several others) would be a highly sought after function for me (like “play simult”-function on the MPC’s) I’ll do a feature request!

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Yep. Too bad, but its a good solution atm. Will see next patchs in the future. Thk you. Peace