Is there a way to chain pad triggers?

The increased polyphony opens all kinds of doors for layering sounds together. Now we can load two snare samples, one on A1, and one on B1, and have them play concurrently. Placing triggers for both pads in the step sequencer is an easy work around for having them trigger together whilst layering, but it would be great if you could chain them together so that when you press pad A1 you hear A1 and B1. This way you could layer sounds together across a couple of banks and still play the final result in by hand on one bank. Does that exist yet? Can’t find a way to do so


I’m thinking now you could just resample both of those
Pads with the snaresTo another one and then they’ll play together.
That’s what I’m going to try tomorrow.

Yeah, definitely a good idea once you’re done with the sound design. If, for example, you have a couple sounds layered on A1, A2, and A3 however, it would be a lot easier to trigger them all with one pad while you’re filtering/pitching and just generally layering, than it would be if you had to trigger all three manually

Right so I was thinking to put a snare on A1 and a different one on A2. Place a trigger for both of them in the step program for instance. Then, when the both play together use the new
Bounce feature to bounce to pad A3. Any filters, settings etc
That you had on either of the originals would also be
Retained on the bounced version.
Edit: of course it would be baked in at that point and you
Couldn’t adjust the volume of say one of the snares
But I’m gonna give it a go