Chain pads 2gether

It would be so usefull to chain pads together to have for example the kick and hihat chain together

Do you mean chain together so that when one is activated it actives the other? (which technically you can set up in the pattern area even through the pad isn’t triggering the sound run/stop is)

I mean you hit A1 and You hear A1+A2

That is what I thought you meant. I was just clarifying you want it to happen with a pad press and not tied to pattern mode.

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or just push 1 pad and listen
2 or 3…

I also asked for this.

Because voice sharing on a single pad isn’t possible, it might make more sense to implement an option for a “neighbor pad” to trigger instead.


A1: drum sample loaded
A2: drum sample loaded

In A1 pad settings, select “pad triggers neighbor”

Pushing A1 will trigger A1 and A2. Pushing A2 will only trigger A2.

This would be awesome, especially with the swing per pad settings… could be used to create musical slop between the layered samples.


Because voice sharing on a single pad isn’t possible


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Do you know if it’s in the works? Maybe you’re not allowed to say…

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If it’s coming, awesome. If so, it would be worth it to also include a sample nudge and also velocity switching.

With dynamic pad on and a switchable layer, the S2400 would become a much more expressive and nuanced instrument… much more realistic sounding drums and stabs.

I like the idea of this.

I hate to say this without being certain but i thought i saw a parameter in the settings to trigger multiple pads at the same time. It’s a layering of 2 pads. I will get back to you tomorrow when i sit in front of my machine and look to see where it is that i seen it.

I think you saw it on your MPC :grimacing:

I indeed know where it is on the MPC however i stand by my statement. I know your able to set each pad on a time signature when it triggers each note and i thought I’ve seen a parameter to link pads.

Time signature is global (effects whole pattern) but you can set each track/pad to a different quantise setting. As far as I’m aware (and I’ve scoured that manual) there is no pad link facility at present, but it would be a good feature!

You’re right, this feature does not exist in the current firmware.