Need help. Still sounds choking?

I don’t understand what I’m missing. Quick preface, I’ve had beat block and haven’t made a beat since February. I sat down and made something dope for now, and for some reason 1 sound just won’t play in it’s entirety. It records, but play back just gets choked. I need this one sound to complete my track. Edit. Even on record mode the sound doesn’t trigger, but it’s intermittent. How is my ghost kick preventing this other sound to be triggered?

I have made sure choke is off on all pads, even grouped things together on the same channel ie. 5 one shot drums on channel 1, bass on 2, sample on 8.

I have a last sample if I play it exactly where I need it in the beat it just chokes.

So as I wrote this I muted sounds one by one and my one ghost kick is what is choking this other pad. I don’t understand, what am I missing?

Ghost kick a4 - output 1 no choke
1 second Biggie lyrics - b3 output 6 no choke.

What the effffff someone help me.

There’s not more than 16 sounds playing at once either?

Ok just an update to this because it was driving me mad. If I go into step sequencer, and program the sound manually closely behind the hit pad it works.

This is odd and maybe should be looked into unless I overlooked something.

is that sample gated? Maybe post the project here?

I think I had this happen, but what happened was the chop/slide got moved slightly making it choke, or sound like a ghost. I just deleted the old sound in the step sequencer and put it back in and it was fine. Maybe a simular issue. The other day I was hitting pads in while in multi/slide and i think the faded moved when I hit the pad changing the position of it. Something like that. I could be totally wrong because yes… I do smoke a lot of weed and make music, but never had issues too much like this in the past with other machine. No biggie yet for me.

Like I said no gate or choke. Was very odd. Only fix was removing the sound and manually adding it in the step sequencer.

Needless to say it’s good now but not sure if it’s a bug or something. I’ll see if it happens again on a new project.

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I’ve experienced this as well. I believe it was with the earlier 8-voice versions of the firmware.

It likely is a voicing issue, however recording the sound hit a millisecond behind the downbeat usually let me trigger the sound on top of everything else, meaning the voices were more of a trigger limit than actually being able to reproduce any given number of sounds.