Can't Manually Edit Tempo in Step Program Mode

In my case, there’s a pesky 0.5 bpm that I want to get rid of. I thought using the num pad was the most direct way.

Oct 1 firmware

  1. Enter Step Program Mode
  2. Select Tempo button and tempo is highlighted
  3. Do any edit trying to manually enter a value with the numeric pad.
  4. Does not take if you enter 4 digits
  5. Does not take if you enter 3 digits followed by enter.

Manual states:

Pattern Tempo

Tempo: Press the tempo key to highlight the tempo field. When highlighted, press the arrow keys, or turn the encoder to change the tempo in increments of one BPM (beats per minute). Shift+Arrows/Encoder changes the tempo in 0.1 BPM increments. The numeric keys can also be used to enter the tempo. Press enter when finished typing the numbers. The fractional portion may be omitted. To enter a fractional tempo that is less than 100BPM, type a leading zero first.

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in step program tempo button does not light - just the tempo highlighter in oled

manually with keypad we can not edit tempo in step mode - ok it says we are changing it in oled but when you press enter it reverts, we can however use the arrows OR main pot and press enter and all is fine

using shift+pot or shift+arrows we can adjust tenths in step mode . No other way i can find to enter tenths, certainly does not work by pressing a zero

@blewis_13 Thanks for the bug report. Fixed in dev.