Consistent implementation of shift+encoder turn for numbers

Eg - currently:

jog wheel = 0.1 increments,
jog +shift = 1.0 increments

jog wheel = 1.0 increments,
jog +shift = 0.1 increments

ie they are opposite.

Not sure on behaviour in all fields in OS but just suggest that there is a standard behaviour.


Tempo is the only one that is different. All other fields work the same.

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Hi Mickey
Working on the S2400 tonight, I noticed shift+jog wheel doesn’t have any effect on quite a few pages - eg envelope page. It would actually be helpful if shift+jog was a 10x value in all fields I suggest.

Which pages other than Envelope?

On the loop/slice page if you adjust the numerical field (eg start point) with the encoder, holding shift seems to just stop the values changing completely (the numbers stop increasing/decreasing with encoder turn). But this might just be user error - does holding shift in this page do something else?

I realise I’m really supposed to use the faders to adjust. So really it seems to be the envelope page where it would be most helpful to have shift+encoder = 10x value. [sorry for the misleading statement of ‘quite a few page’ - my bad!]

They are two of the most complicated screens, so quite a few is not too much of an exaggeration :slight_smile:

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