Envelope settings navigation

Dear Isla Crew,
I write to request that navigation of the envelope settings work like all other pages, for continuity of user interface experience.

By this I mean that turning the “select” encoder should cycle between parameters with a press to select and edit rather than being the only page where pressing the “select” encoder cycles between parameters.
Many thanks,

Off the top of my head, the waveform editor, sampling screen, graphical edit step parameters, and pan screen all work like the envelope editor, in that Enter tabs between fields.


Thanks for your time, and for all your hard work more generally.
I would still recommend turning the rotary pot be implemented for these kind of “tabbing between field” operations - it’s a much smoother and more efficient way to get around. At least on this page.

Also, on all of the Enter=Tab screens, you can hold enter and while turning the encoder to tab.

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Or you can tab fields with rotating the encoder while being pressed. That was a game changer when I realized it.

For what it’s worth I agree with Rob on this - it is a nicer user experience if the controls behave consistently - encoder cycles between parameters and you click to select/edit (ie same behaviour as the track menus, settings etc)

Having said that the press encoder+rotate does make life MUCH easier, but it sets up a second behaviour that only happens on certain pages.

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