Question about ch1/ch2 analog filters for stereo samples (slight shift to the left)

This is something that has caught my attention since March. Something minor as well but I’m wondering if other users have noticed it and if it’s standard behavior.

I often make beats with headphones at night so it’s more noticeable.
To sum up, it seems that there is a slight phase shift for stereo samples assigned to ch1/ch2 when analog filters are turned on. A slight phase shift to the left at the beginning of the sample.

I’ve tried to make a video. Sorry for the lack of sound. I tried to find a way to record the incoming signal in windows 10 while the DAW is open but didn’t managed to. It is “visual” as well so I suppose you’ll see it.

The sample specifically used for this video is a bass in mono, turned to stereo and assigned to ch1 and ch2 to make the effect visual in the stereo imager. The same thing happens for proper stereo samples assigned to ch1/ch2 and analog filters.

The first 3 pad push are sample without analog filters, then with analog filters then repeat till the end.

Generally speaking my worflow consists of “12” and 16 bit of the same melodic stereo sample, assigned to analog filters or digital filters. Allowing this makes the S2400 an extraordinary sampler imo. I suppose analog filters for stereo samples go beyond the first idea of respecting the OG spirit but curious to know other people feedback and if something can be done for the shift to the left :slight_smile:


the “shift to the left” happens because only one filter is “kicked” when you play a sample even if it is stereo. basically a sample assigned to CH1 will kick the CH1 filter envelope and a sample assigned to CH2 will kick the CH2 filter. Stereo samples are being output to a channel pair, so one channel will not have it’s filter envelope (re)started.

Whether this is a bug or not is up to debate, the analog filters predate the S2400 and stereo samples by decades…


we just changed it to trigger both filters in case of stereo samples on channels 1 or 2


Thank you very much :slight_smile: