Suggestions on how to best use the filters

I’m trying to make sense of how to best utilize them. I know at the end of the it’s completely open ended, but I’m curious how the rest of you use them and if there are any tricks or advantages I’m not aware of.

So the analog filters 1 and 2 are the same cutoff properties, and they’re best for drums, kicks and snares specifically right? And also that’s the way to better get the “old school” sound, is my understanding.
And then 3,4,5 and 6 are each higher cutoff than the one before.

So that leads me to think maybe use 6 for a hihat/cymbal channel? To let more of that freq range be heard. And then I read somewhere I think that 3 might be best for sampled tom drums because sometimes they have some extra noise as the transient tapers? I’ve noticed some of this Tom’s sound at least on some Alesis HR16 samples I made(not that I need to always mitigate this noise, whole reason I bought the thing was to get some nice artifact stuff of course)

7 and 8 have no filters so maybe leave those for sound effects or any instance where I need to preserve the fidelity of a sample, especially if it’s already been mangled up ahead of time right?

I had just been using a Zoom Sampletrak before the S2400. It panned and had levels for each sample but of course it’s output was limited to stereo 1/4 for the whole unit so I’m a little overwhelmed with potential options, each channel has its own strip on a mixer as well, I don’t usually do much EQ on any synths and samples, besides kick drums from either my analog drum machine or the Isla thusly; the kicks are the only things that NEED adjustment because the room I’m in.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be lovely!

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I only use analog filters 1 and 2 on stereo “12 bit” melodic samples if I want to do a variation without the ringing sound.

I almost never use filters on drums. Probably because I like clean drums and import/sample drums that sound already good.

If there is something to filter or EQ on drums I’d rather do it in the DAW when everything is recorded. :slight_smile: