Turning filters off

Hi folks…

This might sound mad to some… Or else I’m going mad… But i don’t like the ringing sound of the filters on my samples.

Here’s what’s happening I’ve imported some drum files from ableton…(I didn’t sample them through the analog filters) They sound clean… I assign them to my pads and bang…that annoying tinny sound in the hi end of the filters is there on my samples… It doesn’t matter what I do… I can’t turn it off…

Please help…?


It could be that the samples you imported are a different sample rate and you maybe hearing some aliasing. Can you post a few of them so we can see? Are you talking about the switchable analog filters or the software filters? Are you using hifi or classic audio engine?

Aliasing! 48hz…i had it at 44
Sounds amazing now… Thanks so much… You made my weekend… (which is worrying)