Filter use cases

I get a little confused with the purpose of each output filter. For those who use all 8 outputs, what do you all use 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6 filters for?

Atm I’m using kicks and bass on 1/2, and samples of instruments on 7/8. I wonder i should be doing samples on 1/2 where pitch down alisiang is used and kicks, bass, low end stuff on either 3/4 or 5/6 as they seem to be more closed. Interested to hear how others have it setup.

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I m only using 1-2 for stereo melodic samples.

I m not using the other analog filters because I think it makes it sound dull. Matter of preference. I don’t like dark sound.

Otherwise I m using the digital filters which sound good and are flexible :slight_smile:

Good to know, think I’ll rewire. The filter cut off is most extreme with outputs 5/6 right?

For me it’s outputs 1-2 for percussion, the envelope adds a bit of character on single hits or at the start of a break. The rest for resampled 33@45 pitched down, because it cuts off the harsher aliasing frequencies. From there you can experiment which outputs deal with the frequency range of your sample.

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Yo, I map it like the frequency spectrum starting with the bottom end. So kick & bass on 1&2. Then midrange elements, up to hats on 7&8, that I don’t think have a filter stage.

I wasn’t able to use the 1&2 filters on my latest track, it was too much bottom end, so it’s not essential to use on all productions. But when they work, they add weight & I’m really glad of the tonality as an option.

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