Windows update aplications

Where can I find windows update aplications for the old kordbot update method? on the islainstrument page the link only to pdf!

Brad is tweaking the website and a few links have gone astray. Here’s the Windows Update Application direct link in the meantime:


big thanks

Just got a second hand model off ebay. Firmware is 4.12.00 - I’m guessing I need to wait for the windows update application for the old kordbot update method?

Just follow the steps indicated here: KordBot Firmware Updates and you’ll be golden

Hi Tom.

Have tried this, but when I ran the DFU KordBot application and tried to update the firmware, I got this screen. The firware application reports “programming complete” l but it’s now stuck on this screen and won’t even function outside of DFU mode. I’ve tried putting in an SD card, doesn’t make any difference.

Any ideas?

What steps of the FW update are you able to do correctly?

It looks like it doesn’t see your SD card , check that it’s formatted to fat32, it needs the card to update it’s required for step 2.

  • Scroll to the bottom of this topic and download the most recent firmware file.
  • Copy the file onto a FAT32 formatted SD Card and then insert the card, gold contacts facing up, into your KordBot.
  • Connect USB and power up, You should see some text on the screen showing you that KordBot is updating. The update process should take around 15 seconds.

As Tom says, this is just the new bootloader awaiting the latest OS update. Follow his instructions and you should be good to go. :+1:

So I’ve done the above with the new firmware and I’m still getting the same screen. Could it be the SD card I’m using? I’m using a SanDisk 512 MB Memory Stick Pro Duo.

Appreciate all the replies! x

Are you getting that Mount Failed message even with the SD card in? If so, it could be the card. Maybe try a different one.

Just reread your post. This is likely the culprit. I assume you’re using an adapter of some kind. Get a proper SD card. It doesn’t have to be large capacity.

Thanks guys. Bought an ACTUAL SD card off Amazon and followed the steps and voila.

Many thanks! x

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