Kordbot Firmware Update?

I might sound stupid, but I am having some real trouble with trying to update my Kordbot, and I’ve read all of the forum notes, and seen the help video from a couple of years ago (which seems out of date now).

I am on a Mac, but have access to a Windows PC, and cannot update from 6.0 BETA 09/05/2020, to the latest firmware update, ie kordbot_20211201.upf.

I have already updated the Bootloader firmware on my Windows machine (Step 1).
However, when I try Step 2, and switch on my Kordbot (with the SD card in there formatted to Fat 32, and with the latest firmware update saved on the SD card), nothing happens. It just switches on as usual, with no firmware update taknig place.

Can someone please explain to me how to do this?


Not sure, but are you turning on the KordBot in BootLoader mode (i.e. pushing in the small button on the bottom of the KordBot and then plug in in power) ?

I figured it out in the end.

I had to use a very specific SD Card, a Sandisk Extreme.

I have three other SD cards and they are not recognised by the Kordbot.

This is a known issue, and should get fixed (if it’s a software bug) asap. If it’s a hardware implementation, then that was poor design from the start.

Curious, but were all the SD cards formatted as FAT32?

Yes, they were.

Here’s a link to the thread from last year. As you scroll down, you’ll see other users with the same issue, with some SD cards working, and some not.

Thanks for the followthrough. I wasn’t aware of the SD card issue. I guess I lucked out. Good to hear you are back in business.

I am on Beta 4.11 and cannot get the update to take from the SD Card, tried a couple. Is there an issue with a jump from 4 to 6?

I have the same issue. Did you find a work around?

No I gave up.

Duann Scott

I updated from version 4 to 6 just fine with a 8GB micro SD card + adapter formatted with FAT32 MBR, with only the firmware on it on Windows 10 PC, after having installed the Drivers using the tutorial video and the DFU updater software with the KB bootloader on it.