Kordbot wont start after update attempt. stuck on boot screen. Can't update :(

PLEASE HELP! I tried updating my kordbot and im at this boot screen which i shared a picture of. i cant start the kordbot now or even update it at all :frowning: it says it cant even find a device in DFU mode, and i cant even update the drivers. im desperate and need some help please please.
when i plug my kordbot in all the screen says is all black with white text that says this:
“Korbot Bootloader
[SDIO] init
[SDIO] MaxbusClkFrec 50
[FatF] 2559 ERR 13
[sdc ] MOUNT FAILED (13)
[sdc ] no card
[BOOT] check_for_update() returned 1, forced=0
[BOOT] jump to application…
[BOOT] Main application invalid
Please try to upgrade (PC=0x2000000b)”

Screenshot 2022-12-21 150324