Kordbot wont start, stuck on boot screen. cant update drivers/firmware

PLEASE HELP! I tried updating my kordbot and im at this boot screen which i shared a picture of. i cant start the kordbot now or even update it at all :frowning: it says it cant even find a device in DFU mode, and i cant even update the drivers. im desperate and need some help please please.
when i plug my kordbot and all the black screen says this:

“Korbot Bootloader
[SDIO] init
[SDIO] MaxbusClkFrec 50
[FatF] 2559 ERR 13
[sdc ] MOUNT FAILED (13)
[sdc ] no card
[BOOT] check_for_update() returned 1, forced=0
[BOOT] jump to application…
[BOOT] Main application invalid
Please try to upgrade (PC=0x2000000b)”

Screenshot 2022-12-21 150324|611x449

I’m in exactly the same boat, did you ever find a solution?

You have successfully put the bootloader onto the kordbot but you are only half way through the update.
You now need to put the actual firmware on your SD card.

see here

Thanks for the response, Brad. I got mine up and running now. It turned out to be an issue with my SD card. for some reason, the KB wouldn’t read it, even though it was correctly formatted and re-formatted several times and was working (with the KB) before the attempted update.

The solution for me was to get a new card I switched from a Sandisk Ultra 32gb to the Sandisk Extreme 32gb.

Either way, I got immediate support from the team and My KB is still going strong.

A great piece of kit from a great team !

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Brad, I thought I had the same issue, until I realized from your post that I was actually supposed to use the SD card to load the firmware by placing the firmware file you linked into the SD card and loading that into the KB during the update sequence. Thanks a lot! Now my KB is finally updated.