KordBot Firmware Updates

Scroll down for the latest KordBot Firmware

Update Instructions

Step 1: Update Bootloader
This only needs to be done one time. If you have already done it, proceed to Step 2.

Using the old update method please update your KordBot using this bootloader firmware:
kb_bootloader.dfu (29.2 KB)

If you need a refresher on how to achieve this, follow along with this video:
KordBot Tutorials - How to Update Firmware

Step 2: Update Firmware
This is the only step you need to do if you have already updated your bootloader.

  • Scroll to the bottom of this topic and download the most recent firmware file.
  • Copy the file onto a FAT32 formatted SD Card and then insert the card, gold contacts facing up, into your KordBot.
  • Connect USB and power up, You should see some text on the screen showing you that KordBot is updating. The update process should take around 15 seconds.

2021/10/15 Update Release Notes

  • Fixed Maj13 button registering a press when other keys pressed
  • Fixed multiple issues with MIDI DIN and Bluetooth output dropping notes and leaving hung notes
  • Fixed issues with strum and arpeggiator leaving hanging notes
  • Fixed issues with MIDI DIN input
  • Changed start-up defaults to hold=on and holdtime=0
  • Changed menu text to white

kordbot_20211015_144257.upf (656.5 KB)