U.K. / UPS import duty problem

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem who has received an S2400 in the U.K. ?

Mine arrived around a month ago, prior to delivery I received an email from UPS informing me that the import tax needed to be paid either online prior to delivery or to the driver upon receiving the delivery.

This was what I expected and so I paid the full amount the same day online and a few days later the 2400 arrived.

However since that time I have no received another invoice from UPS with no explanation asking for another £2.50 (a small amount) however with their “handling” fee they want me to pay £11.

Now I’m assuming they have made some sort of error in their calculations but is that my fault once I’ve paid their invoice in good faith ?

Again it is a small amount compared to the overall cost but it’s the principle of the matter that irks me, along with the fact that if I pay this will there be another in a few weeks ?

I have tried to contact them to ask about this but so far have made two attempts the second one resulting in a promised call back within 24 hours which never materialised the other week.

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I’d chalk it up to an error in your favour and leave it be. They’ve released the shipment to you so your obligations to them are complete.

If it was some mum and dad outfit, I’d suggest paying jt (but you probably would have had an actual conversation with them by now) but since it’s UPS, you’ve done more than enough to alert them to a cock-up in their multi-billion-dollar business.

Be careful. They charge 1000% a day interest on all debts. So that £11 will be thousands in a few weeks.:slight_smile:

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You’re a good person for even considering paying extra and spending time calling them.


Thanks for the replies.

Just a quick update, I finally spoke to someone at UPS this morning (on my 3rd attempt at calling today!)
and the guy in the billing department said to ignore the second invoice as it had been cancelled, so all’s well that ends well.

However he couldn’t explain what or why the second invoice was for ?

So I suppose the moral of the story is question any unexpected UPS invoices with their billing department no matter how small !

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i kicked off straight away, they claimed it was a recalculation ahahahaa no thankyou sir i thought when i saw the second invoice - i called them, the guy opened the system, i gave invoice numbers and he said yeah you have paid, he deleted the other and sent email with me copied in

make sure you keep details of your call or comms when dealing with this, write down your call date and time, juuuuust in case

seems ups still have some work to do on their system because if we pay upfront as you and I did then that should be that…

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Ah good advice ! I’ve written down the time of the call etc.

It almost seems like a scam to me, if they do this regularly for small amounts so the payment is the minimum they “accept” I imagine a lot of people/companies may just pay up without questioning the charge especially if their accounts system is automated. I know £11 isn’t much but I bet even if 1% of their customers pay it it would soon be a large amount !

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Its funny but you never get a small refund from these people. Its always the other way round.


almost like the game is rigged eh :wink:

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How much import fees are UK folks paying to UPS?
(I’m a pre-order, not current price)

At pre-order price you’re looking at roughly £156 depending on the exchange rate.

If remember correctly you’re charged 20% of the cost of the item by HMRC then UPS add a handling fee of roughly £11.

They require full payment before they will release the delivery to you, they should email you a couple of days prior to delivery and you can either pay online or pay the delivery guy’s card reader.

That’s what I thought.
However the notification I got today says it’ll be nearly £230 (£220 “Government fees” plus the UPS fee).
Trying to work out where the extra 50% came from. Now I’m concerned that the shipping invoice listed the non-preorder price.

Could be, I think the problem you may have though is because the tax is worked out and charged by HMRC to UPS and UPS have already paid the money is that you will have to pay the amount and then take the matter up with HMRC for a refund.

I’m pretty sure a friend had a similar situation when he ordered some records from Japan the other year and HMRC messed up his fees.

That figure you quoted sounds about the price it would be at its current value not pre rise. So they have taken its current price instead of the invoice price. Some smart Dick has looked it up online.

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Apparently will have to wait 2 weeks for UPS to post the paperwork before I can start to find out.

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How long is it taking UPs to deliver after it arrives in the UK from Us?

hard to say how much was them or the journey across - i got my email or text and it landed about 10 days later i think


call UPS , scan a copy of your actual invoice from Isla and send it to the guy/girl on the phone - they will correct it if needs be and get your debt refunded so you only pay the right amount

the people on the phones are quite helpful tbh - they corrected my error and others easily.


Mine shipped on Thursday, arrived in the UK on Sunday, out for delivery Monday, so four days including the weekend.

(Of course I didn’t see it until Wednesday, because apparently on Monday and Tuesday, UPS sneaked past my window, silently knocked, and sneaked away again, remembering not to leave a card.)


hahahaaa those pesky delivery guys

i wonder how much they laugh when they put customers through pain and torture

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