Delivery error

I’m trying get a clear answer on how this works. This isn’t to start a problem or arguement within the forum or with Isla.

But… if there is an issue with deliveries between UPS and Isla and no fault to the customer, shouldn’t Isla just send another unit and anything else that was ordered to the customer and leave any discrepancies between them and said shipping agencies? That literally seem like the correct/proper thing to do.

the deal is between ups and isla, you are excluded - that is the best way too, you need no exposure

at the point something goes ‘wrong’ then policy kicks in, ups are experienced enough to figure stuff out - packages go missing, stuff happens, at teh point there is any claim against the carrier i imagine a new package would be sent because package#1 is now defunkt

you are innocent and have no part to play which is how you want it as customer, yes its a pita but that is all it is

I’m curious if this statement is coming from ISLA or a forum joined person such as myself since I have not recieve a new order/tracking number that says its on its way. But thanks anyway

AFAIK, @j.m isn’t an employee but a helpful fellow forum member (as am I), @Malmoe88

At a basic contract law level and as a purchaser, the fulfilment of an online purchase (and any dispute) is between you and the supplier / seller only.

Depending on the laws in your jurisdiction, if the delivery company does something wrong (e.g. claims to have delivered the package but demonstrably didn’t) you might have legal remedies against the delivery company but they won’t be based in contract law.

Here’s how it works.

If anything we send out doesn’t turn up at the intended destination and the tracking isn’t reporting anything, or showing any signs of progress, we raise an investigation with UPS once we are aware of the issue.

UPS will then get the ball rolling from their end. Their terms and conditions state that it takes them 7-10 working days to carry out their investigation. Depending on the situation they may have an answer quicker than that but that is their SLA with us (and everyone else as far as I know).

If (and only if, because while a package has stalled in the system, or gone somewhere it shouldn’t doesn’t automatically mean it is lost forever) it is then confirmed as lost, a claim is then raised for that package. Once that claim has been paid out we will then send out a replacement.

Does that suck? Yes, it does. Is it frustrating? Of course it is, for both parties. We want you to have your order just as much as you do. But that’s the way it works. You could have asked me this privately rather than post it on here but that’s cool, we don’t have anything to hide and I’m happy for people to see how we operate.

I’m not going to discuss the specifics of your case on here (because that’s nobody’s business but ours and yours) but you know where we are up to, I have been updating you daily as to what is happening and I will continue to do so once I am back in the office on Monday. Let’s hope for some good news next week.


The post wasn’t to ignite any rioting. I’ve been pretty patient and haven’t sent out nast emails or anything close to that. I only asked a question in a forum which thats what its for to see how stuff works other than bugging you with a bunch of emails because I’m pretty positive you’re resolving other issues for other people. I appreciate you staying in touch with me. I’m not to crazy about being told I could have emailed you instead of asking the question in the forum. Thats why yall created it. I’ve actually had something resent to me because I’ve never recieved it. I’m pretty sure others have too. It may not have been a beat machine but the principle behind it was the same. Its just customer service thats all. I know you all are only a 5-6 man team give or take a few more/less people. I feel like I’ve been pretty chill. I’m allowed to ask some questions. You all don’t have to always feel attacked. Yall must be just as frustrated as the people waiting. I see/hear people saying units have faulty parts, returning their machine, canceled orders and complaints about how they want the machine to operate. Not me though. I’m just waiting for my machine and case and asking decent questions along the way.

What if they would sent a second unit and the first one arrives a month later? Then it would be up to you to send one back. But what if you don’t want to do that?

Large companies can handle it like that, or the value of a product is not that high with a smaller company. But they use statistics to check what is a more expensive model. It then becomes a calculated risk.

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What you do is have the misplaced one returned while the other is sent . Any lost or misdelivered product is not the customer’s problem. Thats just a fact. I know this isn’t a huge company like korg or roland, etc. The reminders are off the hook. We all know this already. These are simply deserved inquiries.

i say this because i read the UPS document -

that is just how it works

i am a customer of isla and nothing to do with them

no ill will - i actually thought your position was hypothetical when i replied, seems not, best of luck and have some patience

what a pita but you can achieve nothing , just wait :slight_smile:


You said it yourself. " Any lost or misdelivered product is not the customer’s problem"

exactly !

Fact is that right now you are in no worse position than before it shipped

you are simply waiting , a lil pissed off but just waiting , you have lost nothing

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I don’t feel attacked, and I’m not attacking you either dude :slight_smile:

You said you wanted a clear answer and my point was that could have asked me and got a clear answer straight away - it’s our company and our policy at the end of the day.