Keeping Track of your order

This may have been addresses but I cannot find it. I’m curious as to how do we keep track of our order status even before it gets shipped?

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I’m afraid you don’t.
I just work through the order of the queue until there are no more orders to send.
You will get a tracking number a few days before it ships, giving you the final chance to correct any errors.


Thank you for the reply. I ordered the case a few weeks after. Hopefully they come together. If you need order numbers for both products, please let me know. I read somewhere that they would be shipped as one but I can help you with my order numbers if that makes life easier for you.

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Hi Brad, do you know yet which courier you will use to ship the S2400s internationally? I’ve currently got a product shipping with USPS from the US to Australia and it’s taken 3 months, whereas Fedex / UPS take about 5 days. I’d be happy to pay extra for a more premium level of shipping if necessary. Cheers.

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I 2nd this motion. I’d prefer to pay any extra fee for a more reliable company like Fedex to ship my unit and case.