Shilling Orders

Hello. I know the current climate has slowed things down as far as shipping goes. I’m just curious about the actual order in the sense of are so.e people getting theirs earlier than other people that ordered before them. Also if you ordered both the case and S24 which are supposed to ship together, does this slow your order?

No1 is shipped first. It goes in that order.

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Current climate may somewhat slow down production/shipping from China to the Isla HQ (although shipping by boat is probably very long and subject to variables in any normal climate as well) but, as far as machines being then completed and shipped from Isla to customers, there’s no report of any slowing down. As soon as they’re getting a batch off the boat/customs, the team seems to be on the job and shipping them out as fast as they can, in order. The only scenario I can think of where ordering a case would penalise you is if they unexpectedly ran out of said cases, in which case I’m pretty sure there would be a nice video to let everyone concerned know.