Import duty Australia?

Anyone in Aus received their S2400 yet? I just got a call from UPS telling me that I’m liable for import duty. I don’t recall this being mentioned, but can anyone outside the US confirm if they had to put import tax/duty?

I’m not cutting a ticket because I suspect Brad & the folks are getting hammered with requests enough already.

I would assume that you have to pay as it’s an imported good over a certain value but let’s see if anyone else knows.

I too ordered one to Australia. Any chance you can share how much they said the duty was?

I was told on FB it’s $230.
I’m still waiting for my email for tracking no.

Oof. Enough to hurt, thankfully small enough to swallow.

Curious how many will end up in Oz.

It was A$237 in the end with the various extra bits UPS add on. Initially I was more suspicious of an unexpected phone call asking for money.

There should be at least one in Aus by next week. Now if I just had some time…

Thanks for that confirmation of the total.

I’m still 3-4 months out, but I’ll be number 2 (or more) based here in Melbourne for the time being.

Yes import duties are due as the total value of the goods is over $1000AUD

Just be thankful UPS don’t charge a processing fee like other couriers do!

The total duties payable will be more for those who have paid full price for the S2400 (not the early bird price)

Another happy Auzzie S2400 owner here (arrived today!) and, yes, paid the same fees to UPS.

Considerations for other Australians awaiting their order:

  1. The fees are legitimate but UPS’ import charge communications style often comes across like a scam at first (e.g. A text msg out of the blue asking for money!).
  2. Call UPS up using the local support number from their website, quote your tracking ID and they will email send you a proper invoice.
  3. These import charges don’t include duty. US electronics imports into Australia aren’t subject to duty but if total value is >AUD1000 they are subject to GST.
  4. GST is calculated on the total of value the unit, shipping and insurance converted into AUD. There’s another chunky portion of the UPS invoice which is also imposed by the government (a security fee, I think). UPS’ own processing charges are a relatively small proportion of the bill.
  5. Isla Instruments have effectively no influence over these charges. OK, in theory, they could ship their units by sea and, for Australians, that would slightly reduce the import fees. However, it’s a safe bet that bet none of us would view that modest saving as making it worth waiting several additional months’ for transit and port-side customs clearances.
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Thanks for the helpful info @CitizenJ :+1:t2:

Man I’m starting to check email more often now. I ordered in October just before the price hike, (saved 500 aud woo).

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