Shipping to germany

Hi, first, sorry my english is not the best.

I want order a s2400. It’s in the basket😉.

But I have a question to the shipping coast, because I make difference experience with import. Is the showing price the end price for me or I must calculate with more cost like duty and tax.

It’s look like a great tool. When I first hear I say, that could not be good, but now I’m on fire. I think about what sampler/drum Maschine I sell :joy:.

Two ideas. I special down pitch mode for a perfect root key when sampling in 45 plus 8.

And Sampledump from sp-12.

Greetings from Germany


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In addition to shipping, you will have to pay customs duty and VAT.

It amounts to an extra $450, approximately.

The cost will increase significantly once the pre-order ends.

import VAT for Germany is 19% (16% until Dec) and customs duties might be as low as 0%, it depends on the exact HS code it is imported under. so you more or less pay the same VAT as if you bought it in a shop in Germany. the shipping company might take another €15 for the customs handling, but that depends on the carrier. both DHL Expres and Fedex are in the €15 range for imports.

so for a $999 price you are looking at around €200 for VAT