UK Import Tax & VAT

Hi guys,

I recently placed an order for the S2400. First time buying a piece of equipment on the web that’s shipping from U.S.

Any U.K. folks here who bought the S2400, at what point do i have to pay the import duty and VAT?

Thanks in advance.

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Not from UK myself but I’m under the impression that they might ask for your money at any point in time after your package arrives at customs and before it is handed off to you.

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I remember paying extra £200 for all customs fees, but that was long time ago and I paid for mine £800 ($950) from first preorder. I think you need to add extra 20% to what you have already paid if nothing changed since I bought mine.

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Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

So it’s going to be upwards of £300 including VAT.

Seems like VAT will be £254.80 but there may be other duties added.

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it’ll be vat, and import duty. so yeah, probably £300ish.
you should be contacted by customs or the shipping agents when it lands in the uk. they will hold it until you clear the costs, and then ship it on to you. there may also be a few £££s to cover handling/processing.

but don’t focus on the negatives. the s2400 is a lot of kit for the money!

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Yes! I agree.

I’m well stoked for this one especially with what’s coming up with the filters and efx board upgrades.

A bit off-topic but i did’t want to make a new thread for this question sorry if i should have.

Will the orders being full-filled in november have the 8 sweepable analog filters being talked about in the past or i will have to buy the filter daughterboard?

I ordered mine a couple of days ago.

That is still in development, so you’ll have to purchase that separately when the time comes.

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i logged into UPS (i think it was ups) and paid customs online once they received shipping from isla - it was all dead easy, 20% vat which we know we have to pay + a small fee for the couriers end, wasn’t much, i think it is a 1% or something daft

England user here fwiw