Contacted Isla instruments no response

Hi Guys,
I’m a big sp1200 user lookin to buy a sp2400 and have it shipped to Australia.
I have contacted Isla 3 times on there Isla instruments contact us form .
No response . I have a few queries on the shipping abroad .
Any users know the best way to contact them .
Much appreciated …peace

If you go to Facebook you can message them live.

asking me to mark customs value down and also sell it to you for the initial pre-order price.
Sorry buddy, I usually don’t have the time to respond to these requests because I’m just too busy.


If people don’t see the value in a $1500 price tag they should probably stick with their MPC500 and keep it moving. I was in between moving and worried about not receiving it with the amount of package theft here in LA (due to transients) when the initial offering came out and would have bought 10 of them now looking back to hold and sell. This is an instant classic IMHO and will become a sought after unit and only jump in value like the SP1200 over time.

Got a reply …thanks for replying Isla
I have backed heaps of kickstarters and never knew about this project .
I would have backed it instantly.
And always worth asking …Every company is different
And stick with the Mpc 500 comment …I got just about every sampler and drum machine there is bro
But the sp2400 surely looks hot

Still a cheeky sod tho :slight_smile:

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Dang! driving a hard bargain. no thank you, sir.