Arrival in London!

Hi Brad

S2400 number 0306 arrived safe & sound in London today.

Wow! Absolutely beautiful in the flesh. You have done a great job. The unit feels very solid, tactile, designed and built with love.

Haven’t started using it yet, just had a quick play around. But already I think this unit is terrific value at the current asking price and an incredible bargain at the reduced price many of us managed to grab one for.

Thanks for creating this high quality instrument / tool. Really looking forward to using it for many years to come.


Congrats @haikuhead!

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Hi Brad,

S2400 # 325 arrived as well…I agree it is a special piece. Very high quality, and easy AF to get around on. Sorry for the row on GS. I was just reallly excited, and now I see that I was right to be excited.
This machine is fire!!


Enjoy your machine @haikuhead! Looking forward to mine landing in the UK.

Do you mind me asking what the customs bill was?


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Mine arrived in London last week…Customs was £160…

Good news! That’s less than I was expecting.

Cheers for that

Might be even less if no additional hard case…Also add 3-4 days onto the expected delivery date as customs take a while to release the item (even after paying)

Tip - UPS are crap in UK (no real time tracking etc). I would leave a large notice on your front door for their attention with your mobile number on it…Otherwise you might get a very swift knock and then drive off

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Appreciated @jonesy101. No expectations for delivery times here!

Sorry to hijack the thread @haikuhead.