S2400 landed in Toronto

Oh wow. Brad fucking delivered on the promise!
This machine is a rugged BEAST. It sounds right. The sequencer clock is right. So many details that big companies cut corners and he put it all in there. The nice components, OS implementation and myriad of options all combine into a machine I will take to my grave. This one is a keeper. 10/10. I got serial #44.


Agree completely. This thing is a tank. Got mine this evening as well…


So happy (and relieved) that you like it! <3


nice ! enjoy !!

great to hear owners FB

i used to live @ #44

A tank only has 2 tracks though :slight_smile:

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ba dum tisch

from one canuck to another congrats! what were the import fees in the end if you don’t mind?(in loonies!)


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